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Play, read, experience
new things...


Stop by or contact us to learn more about our library, martial arts classes, music, and other events at CEA: the Center of Experience and Learning. 


What we do

CEA is a space dedicated to helping children in the La Guacima area of Costa Rica learn and experience fun activities.  Access to these opportunities is strongly determined by location and income in Costa Rica, and CEA seeks to make them more readily available to all.   CEA is a Spanish acronym, "CEA: Centro de Experiencia y Aprendizaje en La Guacima", or the Center of Experience and Learning. 


Volunteer, donate, connect

Setting up a community center is a whole lot of fun.  It's also a gargantuan task.  We have a variety of opportunities for you to get involved with our work, and contribute to the community,

We're also easy to reach if you'd like to explore the options. 

CR WhatsApp: 6055-4222
US Phone: 202-286-8935


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